Mitbürger mit Migrationshintergrund

We live Germany. We were 20,3% of the German population in 2014. We were born here or are already living here as fellow citizens. But for many other Germans we are still some sort of strangers. While chatting, nearly always one question comes up: Where are you from? And if the answer still does not count, because it is a german city, the next questions is: Where are you really from? Instead of affiliation, segregation occurs. So these Portraits are made for us - German people with roots in Africa.

JOANA /// India & Mozambique
MOHJAY /// Kenya
PERLA /// Dominican Republic
JOYCE /// England & India & Wales & Mozambique
JOANNA /// Sierre Leone & Germany & England
SAMI /// Poland & Morocco & Germany
DALMAR /// Somalia & Germany & Latvia & Russia